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Bhuvi Interiors has been around in the industry since years now, offering interior design consultation to homeowners as well as business owners. Our service covers various aspects of interior designing:

  • Floor Plans: Seek us to devise exquisite yet functional floor plans for your house or office space.

  • Electrical Plans & Lighting: Our team of technicians will engage in planning installation layout for electrical and lighting units.

  • Window Treatments & Upholstery Consultancy: Did you know window treatment and upholstery consultancy could make a whole lot of difference in your house interiors? Connect with us to experience this favourable change.

  • Colour & Wallpaper Consultancy: We suggest the most appropriate colours and theme for your interiors.

  • Furniture, Bedding & Fabrics: Proper furniture arrangement can create an illusion of increased space. Talk to us to know how you could align your furniture to optimize the given space.

  • Kitchens & Bathrooms: We are adept at conceptualizing kitchen and bathroom interiors for contemporary houses.

  • Flooring options: We help you choose the right kind of floor for your space. We also advise on the arrangement of staircases, wet areas, etc.

  • Renovations: If you look at your space in utter disappointment, it’s time to shout out your renovation needs to a diligent company. Bhuvi Interiors does it better than anyone else in the vicinity of Sydney.

If there’s anything that you feel we have skipped mentioning here, get in touch with us to discuss your requirements. We’d be glad to help you out with your renovation and interior designing concerns.

Floor Plans
We provide very functional and modern floor plans for houses, apartments, office suites and hotels. With our floor plan packagewe provide 3 design options for your new space or renovation. We can liase with your builder to ensure that everything is completed smoothly with no hassles for you at all. Our floorplans have been highly recommended for their amazing structure and tidy work that has every detail which we present to you, so you are confident about the decision.
Packages  :
  •  Floorplans with 3 options
Electrical Plans & Lighting
Our Electrical Plans includes every single point that you would need at present and in future for your space. It has all the details and wouldn't miss any. We provide our plans with excellent design and presentation which are done by our highly qualified professionals. We also source and supply every lighting that is required for your space to serve the purpose ans also to look beautiful and elegant.
Packages  :
  • Electrical plans only 
  • Lighting sourcing and supplies only
  • Electrical Plan and Lighting 
Colour & Wallpaper Consultancy
We love colours and we will make sure your space will have the right combination of colours that is just right for you ! Whether it be a calm relaxing holiday space or a workplace we show you the right colours to just make the best of that space. Our expert colour consultants will provide 3 options of colour schemes for your space which you can choose from.
Packages  :
  •  Colour consulting package just for 1 area
  • Colour Consulting Package for entire house / unit/ office / hotel
WindowTreatments & Upholstery Consultancy
Windows are not to be thought of as the least at the space, they can make or break the space. A beautifully accessorised window can make the space very inviting. We provide various different options of Window treatments and upholestry which will enrich the space. We also source and supply the treatments and upholestry that is required. The materials we choose are of very high durabilty and have been tested for their wear and tear according to manufacturing standards.
Packages  :  
  • Window Treatment options package
  • Upholestry options package
  •  Window treatments and upholestry package
Furniture, Bedding & Fabrics
Every furniture piece that is in the space must be well thought of and our experts are recommended for this ! You dont have to worry about anything to furnish your new space or renovate your space as we offer options of lounges, coffee tables, entry tables,  chairs, stools, dining sets, outdoor furniture and bedding sets including the matching bed linen sets. We only offer products with very high quality whether its furniture or even the cushion fabrics. We are very particular while choosing about the life of every object in the space , so you can confidently walk into the space for many years to come.
Packages  :
  •  Furniture Selection / Supply package
  • Bedding Selection / Supply package
Flooring options
We can surely not take the floor for granted. It is the most used space. We will provide you with 3 options based on your needs which will make you love the space everytime you walk in ! We  advise on all areas including wet areas, staircases etc Whether its timber flooring / tiles / carpet you will simply love our selection for your space.
Packages  :
  •  Flooring Selection only option
  • Flooring Selection + supply + insatllation package
Kitchens & Bathrooms
All of us desire to have the most spacious and clean kitchen and bathrooms and our designers have the best tips and ideas to make this happen ! Depending on your needs and interests we create a kicthen / pantry / bathroom just made for you ! We also provide you tips on range of kitchen applicances and tools that can help you everyday.
Packages  :
  •  Kitchen only Package
  • Kitchen + Pantry Package
  • Bathroom Package
  •  Kitchen and Bathroom package 
If you are sick of your space / bored / too unclean / doesnot energise you anymore then its the time for RENOVATION ! With our customer-oriented packages you don't have to pour out huge amounts of money when our experts can advise you what minimal could be done to your space to re-energise and bring back the charm !
Its just a call away to change your boring old lifestyle !

CALL US today and find out the various options for renovation.